Prepaid Accounts

The terms and conditions set forth below govern the use of the Access Securepak Prepaid Account.  By creating an account, depositing funds into an account and/or making purchases using the account, you agree to these terms and conditions.  

About the Account:  Friends and family members of inmates may deposit funds into an inmate’s Prepaid Account (“account”) so the inmate can make direct purchases through the Access Securepak program.  The account is a prepaid payment device that must have funds loaded into it prior to use.  It is not a credit or charge card, and does not constitute a checking, savings, or other demand deposit or consumer asset account.  The account may only be used for the purchase of goods or services through the Access Securepak program, such as Quarterly Package, Special Purchase Order, Media – MP3, etc.  Money deposited into a Prepaid Account will be spent in the order in which it is received.

Account Set-Up: An account will be automatically created when the first deposit is submitted on behalf of an inmate.  No fees will be assessed for the creation of an account.

How to Deposit Funds:  Deposits can be made at any time by friends or family members of an inmate in the following ways: (1) Onlinewww.californiaqp.com; (2) By Mail: Send payments to: Access Securepak, P.O. Box 50028, Sparks, NV 89435-0028 (the Inmate’s Name and Number must accompany each payment); or (3) By Phone to: 636-888-7003 (Need a 1-800 number? Click Here1-800-546-6283).  No fees will be assessed for depositing money onto an account.   

The amount of each deposit must be at least $25 and cannot exceed $250.  The maximum aggregate balance on an account at any time may not exceed $1,500.  Access Securepak (“We”) may change these limits at any time for legal, risk management, security or other purposes.Deposits by phone or web will generally be available for use immediately after the transaction has been completed.  We reserve the right to delay the availability of funds until such funds have cleared and posted to the prepaid account.  We may change the accepted tender types and funding methods for the account at any time for legal, risk management, security or other purposes.  We reserve the right to accept, reject or limit deposits in our sole discretion.  You will not receive interest on funds loaded to the account.        

Who May Spend Funds from the Prepaid Account:  The inmate is the only person allowed to make purchases using the inmate’s Prepaid Account.  

How to Spend:  The funds may only be spent with Access Securepak, which includes any Access Securepak products, services or programs that the inmate is eligible to participate in.  All orders must be submitted in writing using the Access Securepak Order Form.  If there are insufficient funds in the Prepaid Account to cover the total price of the purchase, the transaction will be adjusted as necessary to reflect the amount of funds actually available in the Prepaid Account.  Access Securepak reserves the right to make these adjustments as necessary. The inmate may only make purchases equal to or less than the balance in the account at the time of the transaction.  We are not responsible or liable for any interruption in your use of the account.

Returns:  The inmate’s Prepaid Account will be credited with the purchase price of any item(s) returned to Access Securepak that were purchased using funds from that inmate’s Prepaid Account whether that return constitutes the complete package or only a partial of the items originally shipped.  Any processing fee or shipping and handling fees originally incurred will not be refunded.

Refunds:  Refunds will only be issued when an inmate has been released from incarceration.  Upon written notification to Access Securepak that an inmate has been released from incarceration, their remaining funds will be returned to the original sender of the funds in the reverse order in which funds were received.  A request for a refund prior to the release of the inmate from incarceration will be considered based on the specific circumstances for that request. 

Account Balance Information:  The inmate will receive a notice every time there is a deposit into the account, stating the amount of the deposit and the new account balance.  The inmate will also receive a notice every time there is a purchase (withdrawal) from the account and the remaining account balance.  

Consent to Fees:  We will not charge fees to open a Prepaid Account, make deposits into a Prepaid Account nor charge a maintenance or inactivity fee on a Prepaid Account.  

Inquiries: All questions regarding a Prepaid Account should be mailed to:  Attention - Prepaid Accounts at this address: P.O. Box 50028, Sparks, NV 89435-0028 or call 636-888-7003 (Need a 1-800 number? Click Here1-800-546-6283).

These terms and conditions are subject to change. 






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