If you are purchasing a package for a patient in one of the California state hospitals, please select from the list below to begin shopping.

If you are purchasing a package for a California inmate located in a facility other than the location listed above, enter the requested information below to locate the inmate and begin shopping.


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Securepak will be terminating our CDCR MP3/SD card program at midnight on 4/7/23.

Securepak will continue to sell recipients music through our Music Store via the custom CDs and pre-packaged CDs available on the CDCR Quarterly package program as well as the CDCR Special Purchase Order program.

California inmates classified as Level 1 or 2, Privilege Group A or B, qualify for the Securepak MP3 program.
Customers must verify that the inmate is eligible—there are no refunds or credits for MP3 players purchased for inmates who do not qualify.
While some facilities may make an exception to this criteria—the customer must verify this before placing an MP3 order.


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